The information technology department together withInformation service. » read more

Waste Management

The Waste Management Department of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly is responsible for the hardware aspect of Environmental Sanitation. The services provided constitute an essential factor in contributing to good health, high productivity and the welfare of the people. VISION The vision of the » read more

Environmental Health Unit

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SERVICE CHARTER PREAMBLE:The Environmental Health and Management Department has the mandate to ensure that all factors that tend to have adverse effects on human health in the environment are brought under control. It therefore behoves the Environmental Health Department, with » read more


The Planning Unit of the Assembly performs the following functions and responsibilities:Serves as the secretariat of the Metropolitan Planning and Coordinating Unit. The MPCU is the hub for coordinating all programmes, projects and activities of all the departments and units of the Assembly » read more

Urban Roads

There is a 1700km of road network infrastructure in the city, the proportion of good road is inadequate and does not meet the demands of the people, especially in the low-income areas. Presently most of the city roads and junctions have exceeded their capacities thus causing uneasy traffic jams » read more

Engineers Dept

METROPOLITAN WORKS DEPARTMENT   The Kumasi Metropolitan Works Department is one of the departments established under Act 462 (first schedule) for the five (5) Metropolitan Assemblies in Ghana. In order to carry out these functions, the Metropolitan Works Department is structured into units » read more


» read more


The Budget Unit of Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly is responsible for budgeting and financial management functions to ensure prudent and judicious use of the Assembly's resources.The Unit is charged with the following specific functions:1. To undertake general and overall supervision of the » read more

Public Relations Unit

The Public Relations Unit of the Assembly is responsible for:*Public Education/Information dissemination - radio discussions,  announcements, press statements and press conferences.* Coverage of Assembly programs by the media.*Marketing the good policies of the Assembly.*Receiving » read more

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Unit exit to carry out audits and professional evaluations of the activities of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly and to ensure that the system of Internal Controls applicable to financial, programme and project areas provide reasonable assurance to management and » read more

Estate Department

The Estate Department is responsible for the management and maintenance of the Assembly's assets. These assets may be fixed or movable. The portfolio of fixed assets include Markets, Assembly offices and residences, public open and/or recreation spaces, sanitary buildings, lorry parks, the » read more

Town and Country Planning

TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING DEPARTMENT INTRODUCTIONThe Metropolitan Unit of the Town & Country Department is mainly concerned with the preparation of planning schemes (layouts) for public and stool lands and the formulation of policies to direct and guide the spatial growth and physical » read more

Birth and Death

Head of department: Godfred Daniel Yaw Nsia Mission Statement: To provide accurate, reliable and timely information of all births and deaths occurring within Ghana for socio-economic development of the country through their registration and certification.Responsibilities:Registration duties, » read more


1. BACKGROUND The Statistics Department was first created when the Metropolitan Statistician was posted to KMA in February, 2006. The Department recognizes that effective planning is predicated on informed decisions and choices, with specific targets and quantifiable goals, the achievement and » read more