KMA introduces Point Of Sale Device in revenue mobilization.

Source: PRO KMA / ICT  |  Date Published: Mon Sep 25 14:46:12 UTC 2017

  • Hon. Osei Assibey Antwi addressing the General AssemblyHon. Osei Assibey Antwi addressing the General Assembly

KMA introduces Point Of Sale Device in revenue mobilization. 

In an effort to have an efficient and effective revenue collection at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), the Assembly is shifting from the manual ticket issuing to the use of Point of Sale Device. The Point of Sale device will help in ensuring all revenue collected are recorded at the revenue unit of the Assembly to cut down on redirecting of some revenue. 

The Chief Executive Officer of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, Hon. Osei Assibey Antwi, disclosed this at the Third Ordinary Meeting of the Second Session of the Seventh Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly. He said daily monitoring and reporting on revenue returns is in progress. He stated that the use of IT and revenue data capture is also in progress. 

On revenue mobilization, Hon Osei Assibey said there was an improvement as a result of restructuring of the revenue unit with a Chief Accountant, Mr. David Abam in charge. 

â??There has been improvement in the revenue returns for the past two months, but I must say that there is room for much improvement with the introduction of the strategies outlined and being implemented ".  He asked all the Sub-Metros to generate revenue to commensurate their expenditure monthly.

Hon. Osei Assibey disclosed to the General Assembly that government in the near future will cease to provide funds to the Metropolitan Assemblies because of their propensity to generate more revenue especially in the area of property rates". In order to maximize the revenue collections, especially from revenue sources that are difficult to reach and reduce revenue leakages to the barest minimum, it is important to have a comprehensive database of all the Assembly's revenue items". 

The Chief Executive proposed to the Assembly the outsourcing of revenue Data Collection and mopping up of outstanding revenues due the Assembly to Greenfield Company Limited backed by a Memorandum of Understanding between the company and the KMA until the end of December 2017.

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