Urban Roads

There is a 1700km of road network infrastructure in the city, the proportion of good road is inadequate and does not meet the demands of the people, especially in the low-income areas. Presently most of the city roads and junctions have exceeded their capacities thus causing uneasy traffic jams in the metropolis.  
The unit has on-going projects in all ten sub-metropolitan areas, in an attempt to have some equity in the distribution of resources for road development and maintenance.

There are Three major sources of funding for these projects namely, International Development Agency (IDA) of the World Bank, Agence Francaise de Development and the Road Fund of the Central Government. Currently both periodic and routine maintenance projects are being funded by the Road Fund and the Ministry of Finance following expiration of the Road Sector Development program (RSDP).
Activities Undertaken by the Unit
The unit undertakes activities under three major sections, maintenance, development and planning.
The major activities undertaken in the maintenance sections are as follows:
1    Routine Maintenance
This includes; Desilting, Grass cutting, Drain and kerb cleaning , Pothole patching /Sectional repairs, Minor drainage repairs, Culvert repairs, Grading, Replacement of slabs and metal gratings and Green area maintenance.

2    Periodic Maintenance activities include; Drainage construction, culvert construction, Kerbs and retaining wall, Gravelling, culvert approach fill, Gravel Supply, Clearing and grading of un-engineered roads, Resealing and Shoulder repairs.
3    Traffic Management and Safety which includes; Street lights, Road signs, Crush barriers and pedestrian guardrails, Road line marking, Speed humps, Erection and repair of bollards, Installation of traffic signals, Removal of directional signs, walkway construction, Intersection improvement and Horticultural works (grass planting).
4    Minor Rehabilitation and Upgrading comprises the partial reconstruction and upgrading of gravel roads.